No Mark-Up on Construction Materials or Labor

Quite simply, you pay the Builder’s Cost plus our Personal Construction Management Fee. There is NO mark-up on the construction materials or features you want in your new home.

This helps you, the homeowner, dramatically reduce the cost of building a new home, or remodel your existing home. As the homeowner, you benefit from our service of purchasing ALL the materials and labor at the costs we pay as the construction contractor: the BUILDER’S COST

We provide the Personal Construction Management for the construction of your home and you reap the benefits in savings on the cost of construction without sacrificing the quality of your new home.

This unique approach can translate into $50,000, $75,000 or even exceeding $100,000 in real dollar savings.

Our Personal Construction Management Fee
Our fee is negotiated and fixed before construction begins. This allows us to focus solely on our common goal, the successful and timely completion of your New or Remodeled Home.

What the Personal Construction Management Fee Covers
            1.   Review and Analysis of Building Lots
            2.   File and Follow-up on Building Permits
            3.   Solicitation, Review and Selection of Subcontractors
            4.   Payment of Subcontractors
            5.   Complete Construction Supervision and Scheduling
            6.   Assist with Value Engineering
            7.   Buying Power for All Products and Services
            8.   Quality Control
            9.   Monthly Financial Reports
            10. Cost Control from Inception to Completion
            11. Schedule All Required Building Official Inspections
            12. Schedule and Obtain Certificate of Occupancy

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